2020 Learnie Awards

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2020 Awards and Certificates

Learnie Award: Creative Approach

Faculty Senate Certificate of Excellence: Most Daring

eCampus Certificate of Excellence in Innovative Media

  • Diana Wolf for her use of PlayPosit to enhance instruction. Try out an example on PlayPosit.

Student Choice Certificate of Excellence

FNSBSD School and Student Connections Awards

  • Elementary: Anne Kettle, Kristin Presler, Norm Davis, and Carol Smallwood at University Park Elementary
  • Secondary: Sarah Gillam, Principal at West Valley High School.

Watch the Presentation of Awards starting at 7:17 to see the work awarded here.

Learnie Award: Continuity of Instruction

Certificate of Excellence: Use of Animation

Winner: Naomi Hutchquist – We are LION

Certificate of Excellence: Get Outside

Winner: ACEP: Hydrokinetic Energy Fisheries Research

Certificate of Excellence: Interview Techniques

Winner: Troy Bouffard: Arctic Security Fundamentals on edX

Certificate of Excellence: Effective Instructional Video

Winner: Emily Reiter: The Unsafety Lab

Presentation of Awards